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It was with great sadness that we closed our doors temporarily on Monday the 23rd of March, but we strongly believe in playing our part in the fight against the spread of this virus!  Because our community matters to us, we took our classes LIVE online that very same night.  It was a hustle and a crazy roller-coaster, but we are proud of what we managed to turn around given the tight time frame, and the high levels of stress and anxiety that our team and whole tribe coped with.  

We know lock down isn't easy, many of you are under huge amounts of pressure and tension, but we stand by our belief in the life changing magic of Pilates.  This form of exercise connects you, mind body and soul, and at a time like this - that is so important!  Pilates also allows you to move and release endorphins, so it always leaves you feeling better than when you started.

We have had awesome feedback from our community and members, who are grateful that they can continue their practice, and we are being joined by new faces as well!  There is something about turning up to a class.  You book in and then show up, and instead of having to 'make yourself' do something, instead - you are part of something!  

For anyone who is keen to have a go - feel free to send us a message and let us know a bit about yourself! We really care about our clientsand want you to have the best experience.  You are welcome to use our Intro pass, and enjoy a little taste of the classes we are bringing you.

We also record all our live classes - so as long as you book in, you'll receive a link after class so you can do it in your own time.  This is great in case you miss it, experience WiFi drama, or just get interrupted! Life at home right?!

We are also building an on demand library of shorter workouts, stretch sessions, tutorials to modify for injuries and special works for prenatal clients.  If you join us as a weekly member - you get access to this as well.  (Weekly memberships have no minimum term).

We love Pilates and we love people.  If you would like to join us during this time we would be honored to have you.  Please feel free to send Becs an email to say hi!

In normal life, down at Eltham Rd, we offer small group Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, private or duet Pilates rehab sessions, hands on Physio and tailored rehab and sports conditioning to help you become a stronger form of YOU!

We believe that Pilates is for everybody.

Our beautiful space in Kohi is a calm place where you can move fearlessly and freely, get strong, restore and transform yourself. We are strong advocates for Pilates not just as a modality for better, stronger and more flexible movement, but as a way to connect your mind and body. We care about your mind set and mental wellbeing, as much as your physical wellbeing. Our hope is to foster a community and space that will add to your life, with positivity, authenticity, encouragement, celebration, and the gift that keeps giving: Pilates.

How to book.

You can book into our classes, or make a private appointment through our online booking system.  To do this, select BOOK NOW and set up an account through our mindbody online software.  Once you are logged in you can buy a pass and book into the class you would like to attend.  You can also download the mindbody app, log in, add ONFORM Pilates + Physio as a favorite, synchronize your pass and manage your bookings from the ease of your phone.  If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call, we are only too happy to help. 
Cancellations: Because our class sizes are limited, if you have a cancellation we ask that you provide as much notice as possible and always cancel on the online booking system or the Mindbody app so the space is freed up for another client. Please note that payment will be charged or a package class deducted if cancellations are within 8 hours.
Waitlists: If a class is full you can join a waitlist, and if a space becomes available, you will be notified to the option to join the class via email.


What to bring. Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.  Grip socks.  If you don't own a pair, we do sell these in the studio. A bottle of water and a towel. Please remember to switch your phone to silent during class.

How to find us. Eltham Rd is the road directly parallel to Tamaki Drive, behind Kohi Cafe.  You can enter via Kohimarama or Melanesia Rd.

Parking. There is parking ont he street in Eltham Rd, and also Kohimarama Rd.

Accessibility. We are on the flat with easy access.


"I am in my late 50's and at the end of 2016 had an operation for a pacemaker, having no previous heart issues. I was feeling very unfit and my neck felt constricted, causing me headaches. Since attending ONFORM Pilates twice a week, I sincerely feel my life has improved greatly.  I have better posture, flexibility and neck pain being reduced considerably. Another advantage is the slow relaxed form of breathing, which I find helps as a stress relief. Very therapeutic.  Rebecca gives clear and precise instructions in a small class setting and is able to keep an eye on her pupils. Attending a Pilates class is not a chore, it gives me a sense of achievement, a positive attitude and is a fantastic way to start the day." Kathryn

Expert Physio Online

04 Apr 2020

Our country is in a fight against Covid-19, and part of that battle plan is a complete lock down.  We are playing our part in the elimination of this virus, and are now offering all consultations online.  As soon as we got the news on Monday we moved to this new online platform immediately, and as a result had an extra two days as a team to learn how to use this platform to our clients advantage.  We have had great feedback from clients who report that their experience 'exceeded their expectations'.  This is great news, because Physiotherapy is so much more than a 'massage'.  Thorough assessment with an experienced Physio makes all the difference, as do communication skills.  In the special ONFORM way we try and speak in normal language so you leave your consult empowered, and with understanding.  MORE

Become a Fearless Mover

27 Feb 2018