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When life gives you lemon, Lemonade right? This is another awesome class we can thank the 'Rona' for.  We call this Feel Good Flow! It's a combo of Pilates and Yoga, with dynamic movements, energy and cardio involved! It'll get you moving and feeling good.  Suitable for all levels. Not suitable if you are injured.


Barre is a new class for us, and we are excited to bring it to you during lockdown! It's like Pilates standing up, with a sprinkling of dance and feel good flow. It makes you work, and brings the burn, but leaves you feeling energized! It's an acessible workout for many people and fitness levels, and is also suitable as prenatal exercise. We just ask you to get your LMC's ok to exercise, and let us know so we can modify where appropriate.


We are bringing you our signature Pilates on the mat, live from our place to yours.  This is a total body workout, that gets you warm and working, and helps you feel muscles you didn't know were there! You'll love the chance to connect with your instructor and others, and feel like you have bought a bit of normal to your day. If you miss class, or get interrupted? Wait for the replay link!

Reformer Classes

Private Sessions

Customised Form

If you have specific goals you want to achieve, or are combining Pilates as part of your rehab from injury, a private, or duet (2 people) session gives you personal attention, a tailored plan, and specific goals to work towards. Your instructor will work with you depending on how you are feeling on the day, and change the focus as needed. You can use a private session as an initial Pilates intro to learn the principals and basics, or to explore specific movements with 1:1 guidence.  Private sessions can involve a mix of reformer, mat and small equipment - tailored to your unique needs.  55 minute and 30 minute appointments available.

Reformer Beginner

Connect + Learn

A class designed for those new to Reformer Pilates.  We teach you the fundamental Pilates Principals, how to safely and confidently use the Reformer, and essential exercises.  Movements are slower and deliberate, with helpful instruction. Its a space where questions are welcome. You'll create awareness in your body, and strengthen your core and upper and lower body in order to move on to our Form 1 class.

Reformer Pregnancy

Care for Your Form

Pilates is a great form of exercise during pregnancy. This class aims to to give you a chance to connect to and condition your pelvic floor muscles and strengthen your upper, lower body and postural muscles.  It's safe for all stages of pregnancy, but unless you have been practicing Pilates pre-pregnancy the best time to start is after 12 weeks. We require the OK from your LMC and then you are good to join in!  The benefits of Pilates during pregnancy are huge!
-Less backache and increased energy
-Greater Muscle tone, strength and endurance
-Increased stability and better postural awareness

Reformer Post-Natal

Love your Form // Mums + Bubs

Return gently to exercise after your baby by creating a foundation of proper breathing, and gently re-engaging your deep muscle support system as you restore your abdominal strength. With exercises that are designed to support post natal recovery, prevent low back pain, improve posture and strengthen weak core muscles. It's also a great way to give yourself a little self care. Perfect for new Mums (after your LMC has given the ok to exercise).  You are welcome to bring your baby with you. You can bring them in the capsule or have them on a baby mat, and you are welcome to pause when needed to attend to any needs.  The studio is not designed with child care, so this class suits bringing baby to, until crawling stage begins.

Reformer Level 2

Progress Your Form.  

Building on from our Level 1 classes, you will flow through a more challenging series of exercises that target the whole body, incorporating functional movement patterns to strengthen, tone, firm and balance your body and posture. 

*Not suitable for those with injuries or during pregnancy.

Reformer Level 1

Find your Form.  

Work with control and precision at a deliberate pace to solidify your technique and find your form. This class creates a strong foundation in Pilates principals and uses exercises selected to encourage Pilates form, alignment, and core control across all planes. This class is enough of a workout to get your endorphins flowing but with more detailed instruction, essential level exercises and transitions.

*Suitable for recovering injuries (with a prior private introduction) and postnatal clients.

Mat Classes

Mat: Seniors

Form for staying active 

Practicing Pilates regularly, will increase your strength, stability, balance and coordination. And it’s fun! This class is perfect if you have never practiced Pilates before and want to try it out in a friendly, no pressure environment. Joseph Pilates said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30 you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60 you are young.” It’s the old adage that if you don’t use it, you lose it. Scientifically it’s been shown that muscle mass can start reducing as early as 40 years old, but resistance exercise can retain and improve your muscle mass, strength, and bone density. Exercise can even slow and help prevent arthritis. The key is to move well and move often. Max 8. 50 minutes.

Mat: Strength + Stretch

Feel Good Form

A mat class that focuses on core strength, spinal mobility and postural awareness. We work to strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight muscles. We target the small stabilizing muscles that you might miss in a gym or functional movement session, and we hone into challenging our core with abdominal endurance exercises. The juicy bit is that every time we strengthen an area, we then stretch it out. You’ll leave feeling strong, worked but refreshed and feeling like you can stand a little taller. Open to all levels, as exercises can be modified. If you have an injury or condition, please let us know. Max 8. 50 minutes.

Expert Physio Online

04 Apr 2020

Our country is in a fight against Covid-19, and part of that battle plan is a complete lock down.  We are playing our part in the elimination of this virus, and are now offering all consultations online.  As soon as we got the news on Monday we moved to this new online platform immediately, and as a result had an extra two days as a team to learn how to use this platform to our clients advantage.  We have had great feedback from clients who report that their experience 'exceeded their expectations'.  This is great news, because Physiotherapy is so much more than a 'massage'.  Thorough assessment with an experienced Physio makes all the difference, as do communication skills.  In the special ONFORM way we try and speak in normal language so you leave your consult empowered, and with understanding.  MORE

Become a Fearless Mover

27 Feb 2018