Pilates Pricing

ONFORM Pilates Pricing


Keeping our spirits up and our bodies moving! ONFORM Online is a selection of our Pilates classes brought to you LIVE! Book in and receive a link to join our classes up to an hour before class.  If you can't join us live - don't worry - you'll be sent the link to the recording after class.  This is available for 36 hours, great if you get interrupted or need to fit it into your own time.  Let our expert teachers guide you through Pilates workouts that target the whole body and leave you feeling energised!  We welcome brand new newbies right through to the experienced Pilates person.


(Includes all classes on our online timetable, plus the reply link after class)

Casual Class (Online or Studio) $25

Memberships - no minimum term / Cancel any time

1x Weekly                         $19 per week (1 online class, plus recording link, access to on-demand library)

UNLIMITED Weekly                      $40 per week (Unlimited Classes, plus recording links) 

Our Studio mat concession cards also work with online classes.

Private 1:1 Online Pilates Training $90 (via Zoom)  1 hour session

STUDIO Reformer

New Client Intro Offer: 
4 classes / 2 weeks                            $49 (Includes Reformer, mat and online classes)

10 classes / 6 months                        $370

5 classes / 6 months                         $195

Casual                                                  $45

Monthly Memberships available - do more Pilates for less. Choose how many sessions you would like to do per week - 1, 2 or 3 and receive a reacurring monthly pass at a better price.  Purchase the intro offer and receive $20 off per month your membership.


10 class pass / 6 months                   $200

5 class pass / 6 months                     $105

Casual                                                  $25

Private + Duet Training

1:1 / 55 minutes                                  $90

1:2 / 55 minutes                                 $65 per person

1:1 / 30 minutes                                  $50

PHYSIO For INJURIES + PAIN // Physio Pilates

ACC Surcharge - Initial Assessment  $67  (45 Minutes)

ACC Surcharge - Follow Up               $30  (30 minutes)

ACC Surcharge - Follow Up               $67  (45 minutes)

Private - Initial Assessment                $90  (45 minutes)

Private - Follow Up                             $70  (30 minutes)

Gift Vouchers

10 Reformer Classes      $370

5 Reformer Classes      $195

Choose your own amount!

Expert Physio Online

04 Apr 2020

Our country is in a fight against Covid-19, and part of that battle plan is a complete lock down.  We are playing our part in the elimination of this virus, and are now offering all consultations online.  As soon as we got the news on Monday we moved to this new online platform immediately, and as a result had an extra two days as a team to learn how to use this platform to our clients advantage.  We have had great feedback from clients who report that their experience 'exceeded their expectations'.  This is great news, because Physiotherapy is so much more than a 'massage'.  Thorough assessment with an experienced Physio makes all the difference, as do communication skills.  In the special ONFORM way we try and speak in normal language so you leave your consult empowered, and with understanding.  MORE

Become a Fearless Mover

27 Feb 2018