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You are one of 97% of sufferers affected by headache and migraine. The problem is that despite scans and other tests, you still don’t know the cause. The three main types of headache, Cluster, Tension and Migraine, all have an accepted theme which is called hypersensitivity of the brainstem. And there is a growing body of evidence that suggests this brainstem hypersensitivity plays a role in headaches and migraines. In simple terms - If you have a hypersensitive brainstem, your headaches or migraines could be coming from your neck.

The ONForm Headache and Migraine Clinic, led by Simon Noton, uses the Watson Headache Approach to assess and treat the hypersensitivity dysfunction that contributes to headaches and migraines. The great news is that a skilled examination can demonstrate beyond doubt that your neck is the reason for your headache or migraine.

Furthermore, the skilful application of the Watson approach, using the specific assessment and treatment techniques has been shown to reduce, if not end, within 4 to 6 sessions, the symptoms in the vast majority of those who have consulted us. 

The Watson Headache Approach identifies a previously unrecognized clinical pattern. Not only does the Approach accurately determine the neck joints involved but experience has shown it to be effective for many different forms of headache or migraine.

Don’t live with the pain any longer.

Contact us for our free info pack - “Could your headaches and Migraine be coming from your neck?”

You can check to see if your symptoms indicate that your neck could be a factorin your headaches or migraines, and find out more about the Watson Approach.  

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