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Postural Analysis


If you suffer from pain or discomfort in your body your posture will be a contributing factor. Your posture can even play a role in severe and repetitive headaches or migraine. Structural issues and muscle imbalances will hold you back in a cycle of repetitive injury, and keep you susceptible to the same issues.

Our Postural Analysis services are led by Simon Noton, who has a passion for discovering and working alongside people to correct posture, muscular imbalances, structural issues, and improve the efficiency of biomechanical movements.

ONFORM Physio’s Postural Analysis will assess your natural postural alignment. We use photo imaging, range of motion, and strength testing to identify muscle imbalances and structural alignment issues that are contributing to your pain and susceptibility to injury. Using this information we put together a tailored plan, unique to you, to strengthen, specific muscles, stretch and release others, and mobilise stiff and immobile joints, and move you forward towards healthier stronger living and better performance.


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